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Bast Realtor Ever

Connecting hearts to homes and lives to communities

Hi, I’m Katie Bast and I really do want to connect your heart to your home and your life to your community. Maybe that sounds like a cheesy romance movie line, but real estate is a little bit romantic! When you find a home you want to love, it feels like falling in love, all new and fluttery and a little bit unsure at first.  

So, when interviewing Realtors it’s important to be selective. We have to vibe. Yes, vibe with one another, since this will be a close relationship where you tell me all about your next chapter’s vision, detail by detail. Click the Home tab to see my videos and if I feel like a good fit, contact me to get a free buyer or seller consultation. I’m ready when you are!

Painting by Jenie Gao Studio


Kind Words From My Clients